Health“Food for thought” indeed!

“Food for thought” 1 – indeed!

I always stress to clients the importance of testing levels of key nutrients since deficiencies can impact every area of your health. (See Functional Testing page). 

But a new study has linked key nutrients with slower brain ageing. The study by the Universities of Nebraska and Illinois conducted a range of tests on 100 cognitively healthy participants aged 65 -75.  The tests included brain imaging, blood biomarkers and cognitive assessments.

Those with slower brain ageing had a distinct nutrient profile.  The beneficial markers were:

  1. Fatty Acids – such as those found in oily fish, nuts and seeds.
  2. Antioxidants and carotenoids including cis-lutein, trans-lutein and zeaxanthin – found in yellow to reddish vegetables and fruits plus green leafy veg, and egg-yolks
  3. Two forms of Vitamin E (alpha & gamma tocopherol) found in nuts and seeds
  4. Choline – found in eggs, meat especially organ meat, fish.  Lower levels found in chicken and turkey, Shitake mushrooms, some beans 

All of these are present in a Mediterranean style diet, and yet another reason why a varied, balanced diet is so important.